Artist Profile: Denis “Yankee” Lyons

Greetings to all.

I am Denis Lyons, from Birch Grove St Andrew, in a little village called Gaupo meaning BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME!!

I have been drawing from an early age of seven; my first ever painting was done with a piece of fabric wrapped around a stick to create a paintbrush, which I used to design my name on the wall.

 While only receiving three years of formal art training at secondary school level, I was determined to develop my art skills, as a result I  looked at YouTube videos, and read books, which had a positive impact on me, hence allowing me  to capture the 1st place position in the TA Marryshow Community College day Art competition 2011. I drew an astonishing eye capturing Portrait of Mr. Theophilus Albert Marryshow which I was highly praised for.

I enjoy working with acrylic paint and pencil, to create realistic pieces, but am also willing and open to work with new mediums. I am  only known for my  artistic  side, but I am  also versatile in technical skill cooking Vegan/ Ital meals,  barbering and is a handy-man around the house.

For any inquiries about purchase or prints, I can be reached at,

contact (473) 419-0010)

Facebook at Yankee’s artYankee Lyonz.

IG: @ yankeelyonz

Art Exhibition:


                                         Sep 17 – Oct 31st Waving Art Gallery: (Maurice Bishop International Airport)


             Aug 18th Pop up Art Exhibition: Spice Land Mall (Grenada

Awarded: Artist Choice


             August – Grenada Carnival: Designed four Individual Costumes for Helen Marie & associates “three 1st places & one 2nd


              May 11th True Blue Bay Resort Grenada Chocolate festival opening: Displayed our “Cocoa Queen Dress” made from cocoa leaves!


              May 18th Camerhogne Park St.George: Grenada Fashion week 2018- Displayed our Cocoa Leaf Fashion line



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