Artist Profile: LaVanda Mireles

LaVanda Mireles studied painting and drawing at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. In 2016, LaVanda moved to Grenada with her husband who is a medical illustrator at St.
George’s University School of Medicine. LaVanda is not a photographer, yet now works
primarily in the photographic medium, cyanotype. LaVanda applies her drawing and
painting skills to create a new approach to this traditional process. Currently, her work
depicts faces behind lenses, otherworldly figures and sacred feminine themes. LaVanda is a volunteer instructor for the Grenadian alternative art school, Art School Greenz.
2018, The Enchanted Forest, Outdoor Sculpture Park Installation at La Luna Resort, Group Exhibition, Grenada, West Indies

2018, ‘BIG!’ Susan Mains Gallery, Group Exhibition, Grenada, West Indies

2018, Art School Greenz ‘Stencils and Assemblage’, Student Exhibition, Waving Art Gallery, Maurice Bishop International Airport, Grenada, West Indies

2016-2018, Grenada Arts Council, ‘Chocolate Festival Arts and Crafts Exhibit’, Group
Exhibition, Grenada, West Indies

2017 ‘Contact Lens’, Susan Mains Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Grenada, West Indies


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