Artist Profile: Renee Foster

Artist Profile: Renee Foster

Renee Foster , 1994

Grenadian pop surrealism artist Renee Foster uses multi-media to sculpt and paint to create a window to her “Twisted Wanderland” world so that viewers see and experience the customs and lives of the otherworldly being. She believed that the planets Omaihalan and Aurion are newly developing civilizations that send scouts to different dimensions to gather information on how others live and why. This artist is self taught and expands her knowledge of art fundamentals from the internet and local artist.

2019, MBIA’s 35th Anniversary Gallery show, The Waving Art Gallery, Maurice Bishop International Airport, Grenada.

2019, Chocolate festival, True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada

2019,  Grenada’s 45th Independence gallery group show,  The Waving Art gallery, Maurice Bishop International Airport, Grenada.

2018-2019, Grenada Arts Council Pop up Exhibition, Spiceland Mall, Morne Rouge, Grenada.

2014, Windows of Expression, Grenada National Museum, St. George’s, Grenada.

For more Information on how you can get your piece of Twisted Wanderland, contact:

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