The Waving Art Gallery, in conjunction with Grenada Airport Authority and Grenada Arts Council would like to extend an invitation to artists to submit work to be shown for 6 weeks at the Maurice Bishop International Airport in celebration of Grenada’s 45th year of independence.

Paintings, drawings and photographs are encouraged – particularly 16″x20″ and larger. Artwork, once accepted, should be ready to hang with the artist’s information attached. Artists are encouraged to think expressively about their sense of patriotism but also the history of Grenada and personal sentiments on this Sapphire Anniversary.

Artists need to submit their work for consideration by January 18th and will be notified shortly after to have the work at the Waving Art Gallery for an opening on January 25th. The artwork will then be on display for 6 weeks or until March 8th.

If you would like to submit work for consideration, fill out the short and easy form below and then email images of your work to Grenada Arts Council reserves the right to refuse work that does not coincide with the theme of this exhibit or the high standard maintained at the Waving Art Gallery.