Open Call for Grenada Arts Council December 17th Pop-Up Exhibit.

Registration for the December 17th Pop-up exhibit is now closed. Thank you to all the artists who submitted before the December 2nd deadline!

Name of Venue or Event: Grenada Arts Council Annual Pop-up Exhibit, Spiceland Mall, Morne Rouge.
Work Media: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media.
Work Size: Artists need to be able to transport work on their own.
Entry Requirements:
3 images of artwork.
Short artist bio and any other relevant information.

Timeline: Saturday, December 17th, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Entries Due: The due date for submission to be included in the exhibit will be 11:59pm, Friday, December 2nd.
Selected artists will bring artwork to be exhibited on the day of the exhibition.
Selection Process: Due to limited space and in the interest of continued responsible social distancing, this exhibit will be limited to 20 artists.

  • The executive members of the Grenada Arts Council will review submissions and inform artists regarding their inclusion in the exhibit.
    Notification to artist.
  • Artists can expect to receive notification by Monday, December 5th regarding their participation.
    Publicity: Artists accepted into the Annual pop-up exhibit will be promoted on Grenada Art’s Council’s social media.
    Sales: There will be a $20 ec registration fee and 10% of art sales will go to Grenada Arts Council to enable our volunteers to continue offering opportunities for local artists.

Submissions due Friday, December 2nd.

We will be having our Christmas pop-up exhibit at Spiceland Mall. The exhibit will be limited to 20 artists. Grenada Arts Council will provide panels to display art on with proper distancing between them. Once artists are accepted, artists will contribute a registration fee of $20ec.

Artists will sell directly to buyers and 10% of sales will go to Grenada Arts Council to ensure the organizing body can continue planning events and exhibits for the future.

Artists will be responsible for their own labels and artwork should be ready to display.

Artists are encouraged to come with artwork created in the last 2 years of manageable sizes as well as prices.

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