What comes after being able to draw well?

I have seen a lot of talented young artists, mainly students, who have spent time learning how to draw well with graphite or charcoal on paper. This is a great discipline and good starting point for other avenues in art! Here are a few ways you can take your drawings to the next level.

  1. Experiment with different mediums. Once you’ve master pencil, how about pen? You can also try markers and even use things that are not traditionally seen as drawing materials. Draw on foil, plastic, wood, concrete, leaves, whatever you have around!
  2. Good drawings can be the groundwork for good paintings. Check out Art School Greenz for different art classes including intro to oil painting.
  3. With all the filters etc. we have at our disposal through our phones, what if your drawing was just a started point that you then treated as a photographic venture?
  4. Drawings can be a starting place for thinking sculpturally. Not only can we mount drawings in more interesting ways than flat on the wall but how could folding the paper etc. enhance your concept?
  5. Consider thinking spatially about your drawings. Drawings can be done on clear plastic or film or even tracing papered and the layered. What if you drew the background to your drawing on a separate sheet of paper and then layered it behind? What if you shown a light through it? Could you create a giant slide to project on a wall?

These are some technical suggestions on where to go with your drawings but also remember that drawing is a great method for planning or for thinking through a project. You can use the skill to stumble on or being inspired in a way that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t just start making marks! Also keep in mind that once you have a drawing you are proud of consider where it can go with either volume or scale. Would it strengthen the drawing to make more like it or to make it much bigger or much smaller?

Let us know if you found this helpful! Looking forward to seeing what you all have drawn!

– Asher Mains

Published by ashermains

International artist from Grenada, West Indies. Exploring modes of art-making within a local, Caribbean context. Making art with materials that are empathic and mnemonic and engaging in the process of becoming more human.

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