Grenada Arts Council New Executive Body

Grenada Arts Council, founded in 1964 as a volunteer organisation for the promotion, development, and education of our visual artists, has recently taken on a new executive body, conferred by the previous executive body. Led by Asher Mains, artist and educator, Grenada Arts Council will be looking for new ways to re-energize the creative environment in Grenada. Mains has been working as an artist for the past 20 years, teaches art at St. George’s University and started Art School Greenz to provide art classes for working adults interested in building skills and community.

“Education has to be one of the priorities of the Grenada Arts Council. We will be taking steps to empower people to take the steps they need to move forward in their careers and communities. We also want to stress that art education can enhance any field with its ability to improve observation, enhance critical thinking and improve divergent thinking, or thinking ‘outside the box'” says Mains.

Also taking position in new executive is Afia Joseph as the treasurer/bookkeeper. Her experience as an MBA and managing director at Glenelg Spring Water and an artist herself puts her in a position where she can uniquely and effectively contribute to the goals of Grenada Arts Council. “I look forward to working with the Arts Council Team, to build greater awareness of the quality art that Grenada has to offer and to create an avenue and resource for the new generation of artists in Grenada” says Joseph.

Tamika Gilbert, up and coming artist and social media enthusiast will be the Public Relations Officer. Gilbert says, “Great art is produced in Grenada. It is essential that this is celebrated and enjoyed by many. I am honored to do my part in cultivating a community of people who are committed to supporting the future of art and artists here in Grenada. Art is for for everyone, not a selective few. Breaking down the barriers that have long hovered over the art scene in Grenada will be a priority for me.”

There are several others who make up the new executive body and will serve to contribute input from their varied disciplines. Members were selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to seeing the development of art in Grenada.

The new executive body will be discussing strategies for the next year and beyond and will stage a general exhibit in August which all artists are encouraged to participate in!

Published by ashermains

International artist from Grenada, West Indies. Exploring modes of art-making within a local, Caribbean context. Making art with materials that are empathic and mnemonic and engaging in the process of becoming more human.

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