Artist Profiles

We believe that promoting our local artists through our website and social media is good for all artists in Grenada. We would love for as many artists as possible to come up when someone searches “art in Grenada”.  We will post this information on our website as well as Facebook and Instagram! To help us get the word out about you, please contact us with the following format.

Name and year of birth

Short Bio (under 200 words) Here is a good link for suggestions on writing a good artist bio:

Selected Exhibitions
(Please limit to 5. These can be the most recent or most important exhibits)


2018, Name of Exhibit, Venue for exhibit, place of the venue.

Examples of Work
(Limit to 5 images at most)


We look forward to featuring you and your work! Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, if you are able to provide the information for someone who does not have access to a computer or internet please let us know how we can help!

Published by ashermains

International artist from Grenada, West Indies. Exploring modes of art-making within a local, Caribbean context. Making art with materials that are empathic and mnemonic and engaging in the process of becoming more human.

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