Festival of the Arts: Visual Arts

Grenada Arts Council has been happy to provide advice and support to the Ministry of Culture in facilitating a Visual Arts component to the Festival of the Arts. For the newly relaunched Festival of the Arts, Visual Arts will be an area for competition amongst secondary schools and T.A.M.C.C. only. We are looking forward to expanding the category to primary schools and community in the future!

Please find attached the syllabus for the Visual Arts component. Registration is from September 24th to October 5th on the 3rd floor of the Botanical Gardens Ministerial Complex.

FOA Visual Arts 2018FOA Visual Arts 20181FOA Visual Arts 20182FOA Visual Arts 20183FOA Visual  Arts 20184.jpgFOA Visual Arts 20185FOA Visual  Arts 20186.jpg

FOA Visual Arts 20187

FOA Visual  Arts 20188.jpg

Published by ashermains

International artist from Grenada, West Indies. Exploring modes of art-making within a local, Caribbean context. Making art with materials that are empathic and mnemonic and engaging in the process of becoming more human.

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