Artist Profile: John Henry

John Henry born Grenadian, presently resides in Westerhall, St. Davids initially developed a interest in arts and design at the age of 13. Then after pursued it during Secondary and tertiary level education. In 2014 took the first step as a artist by joining the Art and Soul Gallery. After which participated in the uprising … Continue reading Artist Profile: John Henry

Grenada Arts Council New Executive Body

Grenada Arts Council, founded in 1964 as a volunteer organisation for the promotion, development, and education of our visual artists, has recently taken on a new executive body, conferred by the previous executive body. Led by Asher Mains, artist and educator, Grenada Arts Council will be looking for new ways to re-energize the creative environment … Continue reading Grenada Arts Council New Executive Body

What should I do with my creative child?

Originally posted here: How to Teach Art to Kids, According to Mark Rothko By Sarah Gottesman Jan 15, 2018 8:00 am Photo by Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images. If you’ve ever seen Mark Rothko’s paintings—large canvases filled with fields of atmospheric color—and thought, “a child could do this,” you’ve paid the Abstract Expressionist a … Continue reading What should I do with my creative child?